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As Melhores Capas de Bandas Sonoras - NME

Domingo, 20.03.11

Inspirada pelo triunfo de Trent Reznor no óscar de melhor banda sonora ganho pelo filme A Rede Social, a NME resolveu tentar descobrir qual a melhor capa de sempre de uma banda sonora. Podes ver AQUI todas as propostas de capas e ficam as minhas preferidas. A Minha #1 é, por razões óbvias, Man On The Moon, de Milos Forman, banda sonora elaborada pelos R.E.M..


REM wrote their smash hit ‘Man On The Moon’ about US comedian Andy Kaufman, and in 1999 they took their obsession further, producing Milos Forman’s movie about his life. They remained heavily involved with the soundtrack, and launched their comeback single ‘The Great Beyond’ on it.


37. <i>Where The Wild Things Are</i>. <b>Released</b>: 2009. <b>Featuring</b>: Karen O And The Kids. <b>Why it's good</b>: This adaptation of a children's book called for music with a sense of wonderment - and Karen O delivered, recruiting collaborators such as Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner to create a soundtrack that works as an album in its own right.


36. <i>Kill Bill</i>. <b>Released</b>: 2003. <b>Featuring</b>: Nancy Sinatra, Isaac Hayes, The RZA. <b>Why it's good</b>: Say what you like about Quentin Tarantino's hyperactive films, the man knows how to assemble a good soundtrack. It's full of great moments, but the highlight has to be Tomoyasu Hotei's stirring 'Battle Without Honour Or Humanity', which plays over O-Ren Ishii's entrance scene.


33. <i>Moon</i>. <b>Released</b>: 2009. <b>Featuring</b>: Clint Mansell. <b>Why it's good</b>: Before he found acclaim with <i>Black Swan</i>, Mansell did the ambient score for this quietly mesmerising sci-fi film by Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son).


32. <i>Pulp Fiction</i>. <b>Released</b>: 1994. <b>Featuring</b>: Al Green, Neil Diamond, Chuck Berry. <b>Why it's good</b>: From Samuel L Jackson (back when he starred in good movies) holding forth on the merits of the royale with cheese to Dusty Springfield's 'Son Of A Preacher Man' and of course the Chuck Berry track from the iconic dance scene, this was full of delights.


11. <i>The Virgin Suicides</i>. <b>Released</b>: 2000. <b>Featuring</b>: Air. <b>Why it's good</b>: While the soundtrack itself wasn't too bad (and featured Heart and Todd Rundgren), Air's trippy and lethargic score was an astonishing piece of work that stands up as one of their best albums period. Phoenix's Thomas Mars provided vocals for 'Playground Love'.


3. <i>Trainspotting</i>. <b>Released</b>: 1996. <b>Featuring</b>: Iggy Pop <b>Why it's good</b>: It's hard to visualise Ewan McGregor being chased down a street without 'Lust For Life' playing in your head, while Underworld's 'Born Slippy' - and its "lager, lager" chants - encapsulated the thril of getting wasted, while Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' was deployed to devasting effect.


50. Inspired by Trent Reznor's Oscar triumph, we're looking at the best ever film soundtracks. Starting with - <i>About A Boy</i>. <b>Released</b>: 2002. <b>Featuring</b>: Badly Drawn Boy. <b>Why it's good</b>: Something about the bittersweet quality of the film coaxed from Damon Gough some of his prettiest songs, chief among them the Lennon-esque piano track 'Silent Sigh'.


43. &lt;i&gt;Easy Rider&lt;/i&gt;. &lt;b&gt;Released&lt;/b&gt;: 1969. &lt;b&gt;Featuring&lt;/b&gt;: Steppenwolf, The Byrds, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. &lt;b&gt;Why it&#039;s good&lt;/b&gt;: Would this road movie be remembered as such a classic were it not for its musical accompaniment? It&#039;s essentially a roll-call of the greatest rock anthems of the late &#039;60s: &#039;Born To Be Wild&#039;, &#039;A Whiter Shade Of Pale&#039;, &#039;The Weight&#039;.


41. &lt;i&gt;Blue Valentine&lt;/i&gt;. &lt;b&gt;Released:&lt;/b&gt; 2010. &lt;b&gt;Featuring&lt;/b&gt;: Grizzly Bear. &lt;b&gt;Why it&#039;s good&lt;/b&gt;: Telling the story of a harrowing break-up, this is one depressing film - and Grizzly Bear&#039;s score doesn&#039;t exactly perk it up, though it is very beautiful in a fuzzy-edged, understated kind of way.


The Flaming Lips sci-fi film &lt;i&gt;Christmas On Mars&lt;/i&gt; was in shadowy development for years. As well as writing and starring in the surreal adventure, they also scored an electronic instrumental soundtrack. Sample track title: ‘The Gleaming Armament Of Marching Genitalia’. Nice.


Tim Burton’s 1989 &lt;i&gt;Batman&lt;/i&gt; movie forever banished memories of the camp 1960s TV series with his dark re-imagining of The Dark Knight. Prince’s taut, funky soundtrack became just as iconic, spawning hits like ‘Partyman’ and ‘Batdance’.


39. &lt;i&gt;Greenberg&lt;/i&gt;. &lt;b&gt;Released:&lt;/b&gt; 2010. &lt;b&gt;Featuring&lt;/b&gt;: James Murphy. &lt;b&gt;Why it&#039;s good&lt;/b&gt;: This low-key comedy drama starring Ben Stiller and Rhys Ifans is rescued from mediocrity by James &#039;LCD Soundystem&#039; Murphy&#039;s score. He didn&#039;t write all the songs - he also picked a few choice tracks by his favourite bands, such as Galaxie 500, The Sonics, and Duran Duran.

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