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Snow Patrol + R.E.M. = Tired Pony

Quarta-feira, 20.01.10

Acabo de descobrir uma ligação interessante entre duas das minhas bandas...

Neste mês de Janeiro de 2010, Gary Lightbody, vocalista dos Snow Patrol, está em Portland, Oregon - EUA a trabalhar no seu projecto a solo Tired Pony, cuja existência desconhecia.

O produtor do álbum, ainda sem nome, que vai nascer destas gravações, vai ser o habitual produtor dos Snow Patrol e que já trabalhou com os R.E.M., Jacknife Lee. Mas as ligações não ficam por aqui...

Outros músicos incluídos neste projecto a solo de Lightbody são o cantor Ian Archer dos Belle & Sebastien, Richard Colburn, baterista dos The Young Fresh Fellows, Scott McCaughey, cantor dos Minus 5, Troy Stewart, habitual guitarrista dos Snow Patrol e Peter Buck, guitarrista e líder dos R.E.M.

Uma das músicas deste projecto já reveladas, chama-se I Finally Love This Town; Ficheiro disponível AQUI.



No fórum do site oficial da banda Snow Patrol encontrei um post (AQUI) onde Lightbody descreve o projecto Tired Pony e o trabalho desenvolvido estes últimos dias. Passo a transcrever...


Hello there everyone.

For the last five days I’ve been in Portland Oregon making the Tired Pony record with some old friends and new friends. It has been going ridiculously well. We’re having a hell of a lot of fun.

Tired Pony are:

Peter Buck
Scott McCaughey
Troy Stewart
Iain Archer
Jacknife Lee
Richard Colburn
And me

Everything we’ve recorded so far (11 songs in 5 days) has been fully live. By that I mean all seven of us playing at the same time, vocals an all. Most have been done in two takes and none have taken more than four. It’s a fast and loose record that feels very natural and special. Of those 11 songs most are mine one is Iain’s and one is Peter and Scott’s.

Songs titles so far are:

Held in the Arms of Your Words
Get On The Road
The Deepest Ocean There Is
Failing Breaks
Mount Hood
Your Bible
Silver Atoms
I Finally Love This Town
Point Me At Lost Islands
In The Stockade (Buck/McCaughey)
I Am The Landslide (Archer)

We’ve had some incredible guests so far including M Ward (who played some beautiful guitar and laid down some harmonies on the tracks Held… and Failing Breaks); Fred Chalenor, who’s in right now as I type playing some double bass on a bunch of tracks and yesterday we had some celestial pedal steel and trumpet from Paul Brainard. Also there will be a few more very special guests to be announced once they have been recorded. Don’t want jump the gun in case, for any number of reasons, they fall through.

We’re in the process of setting up and when it’s up and running I’ll put some of the little video clips we’ve been filming in here as we go.

As for the original country music direction intended well, it’s not exactly gone that way but you don’t know what’s gonna happen until you all sit down and play together and the first time that only happened 5 days ago. Country tinged let’s say. Americana maybe. Can an Irish guy write Americana. Probably not. Rest assured it’s sounding lovely whatever it is. I couldn’t be happier. Absolutely love Portland too so it’s great to spend some time here.

So I hope the first week of the new decade has treated you all well and I’ll post when the other site is up. It’ll be very sparse at first (artwork and video clips, maybe the odd blog) but it’ll let you know what’s happening with the record.

Peace and love forever.g.x
Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I'll dig with it.


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Eels - Little Bird

Quarta-feira, 20.01.10

Na próxima semana é editado End Times, o novo álbum dos Eels. Um dos avanços para o disco é  Little Bird, um vídeo muito simples, matinal e feito com um plano único.


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